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We undertake projects using local materials and labour and have minimal adminstration costs. All UK staff are volunteers.

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Helping children

Our orphanage in Ooty (India) supports around 120 girls. They attend school and receive health care. Most have no family at all. The Ketti Home has around 65 children and we are also organising a children's hospital.

"Don't Kill Your Babies"

Girls come to our orphanges in a variety of ways, some even being left on the doorstep. Baby girls are considered a burden because of the dowry system. Some baby girls are left to die in fields.

Equipping for Life

We ensure all our girls receive an education and thanks to the generosity of some of our supporters we try to help those who will benefit from higher education continue their education.

Almost No Costs

Baring some banking and other fees we have virtually no administration costs. All of our money goes to the projects and to help those in need. We have no paid staff. Download our latest report here.

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we have almost no administrative costs so you can be sure your dontation will help those that need it

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Get to know us

We are a small charity with no paid staff. We have been supporting an orphange in India for some years and are now working on a new hospital for children with HIV related conditions.

Ooty Orphange

The orphange in Ooty (Loretto Children's Home) needed work on its building and new euipment. We have:

  • repaired buildings and ventilation
  • improved kitchen and washroom facilities
  • helped with small financial donations
  • installed solar electricity panels

We are pleased that the orphange is now very self-sufficient and we have procured the appropriate allowance of 1 ruppee per day per child from the government of Tamil Nadu goverment. We have also registered the Home as an Indian Charity. The government have also agreed a rice ration for the children. We have little work to do except maintenance. This allows us to move to our next project - a hospital in India for children with HIV related illnesses.

Ketti Children's Home in Nilgris Hills

The home caters for 14 orphans and 51 other children from single-parent families, also destitute. The buildings are run-down and in a poor state of repair. They are also financially unable to support the children.

We have agreed to:
  • open a bank account for the Home to enable the charity to send funds
  • repair and improve buildings - we have already fixed the roofs prior to the monsoon season
  • purchase a Water Doctor to purify the drinking water as dysentry had become a problem

We will be working with the Home to improve the conditions and facilities over the next years.

St Xavier's Hospital, Rural Health Care & HIV Centre, Namakkal

Namakkal is a major hub for haulage and hence now has a large HIV problem. A hospital existed thanks to a Spanish charity and we have converted a 1st floor extension to a ward for children with HIV and HIV related illnesses.

The initial project - prior to our involvement - was beset with difficulties with contractors but we have now:
  • replaced the original contractor and completed the hospital
  • fitted out the children's ward with all furnishing and medical supplies
  • recruited Deepika, a previous resident and 12th standard student, as an attendant
  • assisted in the collection of data on HIV infected children in the area - currently 92 and certain to rise
There is a stigma associated with HIV positive children and we are working to overcome this and ensure schooling for the children.
  • Drying Area in Ooty

    We have built an area for girls to dry clothes and relax out of the direct heat of the sun.

  • Give A Girl A Dress

    Once a year for Indian National Day we give money so they can purchase their own dresses and jewellery locally. This has proved a great boost for all the girls in the orphange.

  • Childrens HIV Ward

    We have built and equipped a ward for children with HIV or HIV related illnesses. We are hoping to expand this work to other areas of India in the near future.

Sister Asunta Roberts
Sister Asunta Roberts who runs the Ooty home and has been a driving force in the renovations has been awared the prestigious Golden Peaks Award from the Tamil Nadu Goverment and a national magazine.

This is the first time in its almost 50 year history that it has been awarded in the field of social work.

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Please click on a name for details
Gift Aid
If you are a UK tax payer we are able to receive the tax you have paid on your donation, which means an extra 20% to us at no extra cost to yourself. Please download the Gift Aid form here.
Give A Girl A Dress

Most of the girls in our care have nothing at all and so we started asking a few friends to give £10 so we could allow them once a year to purchase material and make a special dress for India National Day. The girls go to the local market and choose the material and some bangles and other jewelry and shoes.

In truth this costs no where near £10 and so we use the extra for our general purposes. The delight and anticipation of these girls is wonderful and such a simple idea has brought immense joy

We do get offers to send clothes but this is not the concept. This way allows the girls the fun of shopping and choosing, so please make a dontation instead.

We hopefully shortly will have a boys orphange and so we will give the boys money to buy clothes for themselves in the same way.

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